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Coach Information

Interested in Coaching Club Volleyball?

No matter where you are in your coaching journey, MOCO provides an opportunity for you to coach.

Experienced Head Coaches: Head coaches can lead club teams, lead our clinics, or serve as "flex" coaches that support multiple teams and specific skill development.

New Head Coaches: New head coaches partner with our experienced coaches to develop their skills.  They can also lead clinics and work our camps and training programs.

Assistant Coaches: If you want to develop into a head coach, we provide a stipend and mentoring with our experienced head coaches. Great for former club and college players looking to get started on their coaching career!

New to Volleyball: If you’ve coached youth sports, teach or have the ability to communicate well with players ages 10-18, we can help you develop into a great coach. Our clinics and camps teach you the volleyball fundamentals, and assisting a club team will help you understand how volleyball players develop their skills with focused instruction.


MOCO teams compete at multiple levels.  Our club is member of both USAV and AAU, allowing us to align tournament schedules with the team’s experience level.

Open/National level teams compete at the best tournaments on the east coast.  Our top teams travel to Mid-Atlantic Power League (MAPL), Northeast Power Series and USAV qualifier tournaments from North Carolina to New York.  Additionally, teams participate in some of the largest tournaments in the country, attending the Capital Hill Classic in Washington, DC and the East Coast Championship in Pittsburg, PA.  These teams also occasionally compete in local CHRVA tournaments.

Club/American level teams compete in the extended local region.  Primarily participating in CHRVA and AAU tournaments around the region, these teams focus on player development and progressive increases in competition level.  All teams at this level attend at least two multi-day tournaments each year, giving them the chance to travel and experience the upper levels of volleyball competition.

Location & Practice Facilities

Located in the heart of Montgomery county, Maryland, MOCO serves players from around the Washington, DC metro area including Maryland and Virginia.  Our practices facilities are some of the best in the region, with our main practice facility at Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart along with St. Andrews School and several MCPS schools.

How MOCO Supports Our Coaches


  • New head coaches work with experienced head coaches to review their season and team practice plans, review player development progress, and plan their tournament schedule.
  • New assistant coaches are typically paired with experienced head coaches for at least a club season to develop their skills and learn how to run club teams.
  • Coaches often shadow team practices to learn new techniques and skills

Coaching Support:

  • MOCO players receive coaching both from their club team coaching staff and from the broader MOCO coaching team. Experienced head coaches run position clinics throughout the season to develop players.
  • New head coaches receive training on goal setting, skill development techniques, practice planning, use of video and statistics and communication skills.
  • We understand coaches do more than just coach. Our large staff supports each other when schedule conflicts arise.
  • MOCO coaches receive access to a database of skill development, drill and grills to use in clinics and practices.


  • Head coaches receive a generous financial stipend and discounts for players in our program.
  • Assistant coaches committed to working towards a head coaching position also receive a generous stipend and discounts for players in our program.
  • Clinic coaches and assistants receive a competitive hourly salary with guaranteed hours.
  • All coaching certifications, equipment costs and hotel expenses for travel are covered by the club.

Club & Team Management:

  • Our goal is to have our coaches focus on coaching, not managing the administration of club and clinic volleyball.
  • MOCO administrators handle club administration tasks, including player registrations and CHRVA/USAV certifications, practice facility rental and scheduling and tournament registrations.
  • MOCO leadership also supports our coaches when parent or player concerns arise. We work with our coaches to address the situation, making sure our coaches are supported and recognized for their efforts.

Competition Highlights 2021

Some highlights of our success in 2021:

  • U14 Magic place 14th in the country at AAU National’s in Orlando, FL
  • U15 Menace win diamond bracket at East Coast Championship
  • U14 Magic place 3rd at Mid-Atlantic Power League (MAPL) tournament in York, VA
  • U13 Motion wins silver at CHRVA regionals
  • U15 Maelstrom win bracket at CHRVA regionals
  • U14 Magic wins 2nd in Open at MLK Kickoff Challenge (Northeast Power)

Player Highlights in 2021

  • 40+ MOCO players playing high school volleyball.  You can see MOCO players in action at: Academy of the Holy Cross, Bethesda Chevy Chase HS, Bullis School, DC International, Georgetown Day, Maret, Richard Montgomery HS, Saint John's College HS, School Without Walls, Sidwell Friends, Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, Walt Whitman HS, Walter Johnson HS, and Woodrow Wilson HS. 

  • 100% of our HS Prep Camp participants made a high school team.

  • Our summer camps and fall training programs had record participation, with over 400 players joining us for camps, clinics and competitions.

Club Season Calendar for Coaches

MOCO breaks down our club season in 5 phases:

  • Prior to Tryouts (June-October):
    • Club coaches can coach in our fall training program and our summer camps
    • Club coaches can coach and/or attend our invite-only club prep clinics
  • Tryouts (November):
    • Tryouts for U11-U13 are the first weekend in November (Friday-Wednesday)
    • Tryouts for U14-U18 are the second weekend in November (Friday-Wednesday)
    • For all age groups, the team head coach is responsible for selecting the players for the team, extending offers to players and working with parents to answer any questions.
    • Club coaches for the different age groups assist each other during tryouts, including serving as court coaches and evaluating players.
  • Pre-Season (November-Early January):
    • Each team has at least one team practice each week.
    • The club runs clinics for specific skills and positions.
    • Head and assistant coaches are responsible for their team practices.
    • Clinics for skills and positions are coached by all of our coaches – coaches work out coaching assignments in advance.
    • Strength & Conditioning clinics start with our strength coach.
  • Regular Season (January-May):
    • Practices
      • Each team has a least two practices each week.
      • Club run skill and position clinics continue at a reduced frequency.
      • Strength & Conditioning continues.
    • Tournaments
      • Teams attend between 8-12 tournaments during the regular season.
      • All teams attend at least two multi-day tournaments during the season
      • National/Open level teams typically attend 3-4 regional tournaments.The remainder of their tournament schedule are multi-day travel tournaments.
      • American/Club level teams typically attend 6-10 regional tournaments and 2-3 multi-day travel tournaments.
  • Post Season (June)
    • Top teams have the option to continue their season by attending USAV or AAU nationals.
    • For AAU nationals, coaches may add players to their rosters if they played on another MOCO team.
    • Teams usually attend 1-2 additional tournaments in June prior to Nationals.